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Mike Stefanik just a little cheesed off...

Mike Stefanik PISSED off after 2013 UNOH Battle at the Beach Finish

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Load cell / strain gauge gear knob.

Posted 01.03.2011 in Race Car Parts for sale
Flatshifter Club system enables Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts only.£379.00 Flatshifter Expert Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts & (auto throttle blipped) clutchless down gearshifts (race version of the Pro kit above) for faster riders & drivers essential for highway, track days & race use.£799.00 Flatshif...
Colchester, United Kingdom

Radical pro-sport hayabusa Quickshifter,& paddle shift kits

Posted 10.03.2012 in Bike engined kit cars for sale
DO YOU HAVE A SEQUENTIAL SHIFT !! Can you do this???? Select 1st gear pull away give full throttle snatch 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th not once coming of full throttle or touching the clutch, corner approaching left foot braking at the last moment keeping suspension even and balanced to work at its optimum, keep braking ease of throttle snatch 5th 4th 3rd...
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Clutchless down gearshift system (autoblip)|

Posted 10.09.2010 in Race Car Parts for sale
Flatshifter 'blip' stand alone Clutchless downshift system for all sequential transmissions (autoblip) blips the throttle for your when downshifting exactly the right amount at exactly the correct time ]every time no more heel & toe required works on motorbikes upto v10 engines +44 01206 322557 or www.flatshifter.com full details may not be on ...
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Historic kart wanted

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Historic / vintage race kart wanted  100 cc 125 150 cc etc anything considered, ...
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Strain gauge load cell gear knob sequential transmissions

Posted 01.03.2011 in Race Car Parts for sale
Strain gauge gear knob details below. Also from Flatshifter. Full throttle clutchless up & down gearshift systems. Electric gearshift system Paddles Standalone clutchless 'Autoblip'' downshift system The Flatshifter 'shift' is a strain gauged shear beam force sensor gear knob is designed to replace the OEM gear knob on a sequential gearbo...
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Sparco adjustable alloy seat mounts

Posted 18.03.2009 in Race Car Parts for sale
2 sets (ie. 2 pairs to enable mounting of two seats). Alloy 3 piece (each rail) rails for mounting of competition seat. Brand new and unused. Cost £60+ each from Demon Tweeks. ...
£75.00 the pair.
United Kingdom

RENAULT 110 Alpine 1600 Gr. 4 EX WORKS

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selling RENAULT 110 Alpine 1600 Gr. 4 EX WORKS ...
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Citroen Saxo VTS Gr. A

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Two times Hungarian champion, first in 2004 Gr. N, in 2nd 2006 Gr A. After in 2005 rebuilt to Gr A:Suspension, Gearbox are still Gr. N. Motor, Cpu, Exhaust system Gr. A. All parts from Citroen sport, have all documents.Seats: Sparco Pro2000 (hom.2008), Belts: Sabelt Hom(2008) Rebuilt for 2009 season, to include transmission,new clutch & flywhee...
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Ford Ka Group A ex-championship

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Ford KA Ex-Championship car for sale – As featured on the ‘May’ page of the 2003 FordRallyeSport world calendar.Very good championship car built by a Ford dealership. One rally since new engine and latest ECU reprogramming by Ford at Boreham. Huge spares package, which includes –8 x 14 Speedline wheels with Pirelli gravel tyres.5 x 15 Speed...
£6500 ono
Plymouth, United Kingdom
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