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Fantastic BBC documentary series on speed - Idris Elba King of Speed Episode 1

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Strain gauge /load cell gear knob

Posted 01.03.2011 in Rally Car Parts for sale
Strain gauge gear knob details below. Also from Flatshifter Full throttle clutchless up & down gearshift systems. Electric gearshift system Paddles Standalone clutchless 'Autoblip' downshift system The Flatshifter 'shift' is a strain gauged shear beam force sensor gear knob is designed to replace the OEM gear knob on a sequential gearbox...
£575.00 + vat
colchester, United Kingdom

Quickshifter video`s view before you buy any system.

HI Flatshifter have been producing race winning quick shifters as well as electric gearshift systems for motorcycles and bike engined vehicles or almost anything with a sequential transmission for over 10 years including Sadev Hewland Quaife Elite Drenth etc. Fed up with extremely complicated overly expensive motorsport products that require a co...
colchester, United Kingdom

Full/part throttle clutchless up & down gearshifts

Posted 22.05.2010 in Rally Car Parts for sale
SEQUENTIAL SHIFT !! Can you do this???? Select 1st gear pull away give full throttle snatch 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th not once coming of full throttle or touching the clutch, corner approaching left foot braking at the last moment keeping suspension even and balanced to work at its optimum, keep braking ease of throttle snatch 5th 4th 3rd 2nd gears in ...
colchester, United Kingdom

Drag racing strain load cell gear knob

Posted 06.03.2017 in Race Car Parts for sale
FLATSHIFTER PRODUCT RANGE. SEE WEBSITE FOR FULL DETAILS. FOR ROAD AND RACE MOTORCYCLES, BIKE ENGINED CARS AND ALL SEQUENTIALLY EQUIPPED RACE CARS Flatshifter Club Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts. only £379.00 Seamless shift kit Flatshifter Expert Full or part throttle clutchless up & clutchless down gearshifts (race version o...
colchester, United Kingdom

Quaife Honda S2000 bellhousing

Posted 22.06.2017 in Race Car Parts for sale
Used but in perfect condition, a Quaife to Honda S2000 bellhousing. Came from a Quaife 69G sequential gearbox. ...
Crook , United Kingdom

Westfield RGB Race Car

I am offering for sale, one of the most well known RGB race cars on the circuit. This car has been run by three different racers over a 6 season period, has had over 100K spent on it over the years, completely rebuild the car from the ground up at AB Performance. The following is a list of items which were installed, suffice to say well over 20k in...
United Kingdom

New 6 Speed Lada Gearbox is on sale!

Posted 20.11.2013 in Kit Cars for sale
The ratios are: 6 Speed Variante 1.-20 -24 -1,21 -34 -15 -2.722 -28 -17 -1.9763 -26 -19 -1.6424 -24 -21 -1.3715 -22 -23 -1.1476 -1 -1 -1R -34 -15 6 Speed Variante 2.20 21 1,051 36 14 2,72 29 16 1,93 27 19 1.494 24 20 1,265 21 20 1,16 1 1 1 6 Speed Variante 3.-20 -24 -1,21 -36 -14 -3.0892 -28 -17 -1.9763 -26 -19 -1.6424 -24 -21 -1.3715 -22 -23 -1.14...

New RCM Cup 2014 - WTCC support races

Posted 10.12.2013 in Seeking Motorsport Sponsorship
Brand new one-make series in Europe. Car: RCM Cup RacerEngine: 1.5 - 120 HPTyres: Hankook Calendar:1st weekend: Hungaroring (FIA CEZ)2nd weekend: Hungaroring (WTCC)3rd weekend: Slovakiaring (WTCC)4th weekend: Salzburgring (WTCC)5th weekend: Pannoniaring (FIA CEZ)6th weekend: TBA7th weekend: TBA 12 years age limit! price for the championship winner:...

Heuer Dashboard Rally Timer MONTE-CARLO (542 801 041 Monte-Carlo RAD)

Posted 27.01.2014 in Rally Car Parts for sale
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281251494705?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid... ...
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