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Clutchless down gearshift system (autoblip)|

Posted 10.09.2010 in Race Car Parts for sale
Flatshifter 'blip' stand alone Clutchless downshift system for all sequential transmissions (autoblip) blips the throttle for your when downshifting exactly the right amount at exactly the correct time ]every time no more heel & toe required works on motorbikes upto v10 engines +44 01206 322557 or www.flatshifter.com full details may not be on ...
COLCHESTER, United Kingdom

Chevron B27 - Formula A - F2 with 2.0L Cosworth

Posted 08.06.2018 in Race Cars for sale
Hello! A professionaly kept  B27. #02.  Ready, with the low hour 2.0L Cosworth. Beautiful car, and track supported as well. My client is solely driving his Lola T210/212 now, so this goes. I sold his Lotus 51, this is next!  Wonderful car, very fast and well engineered! parts available, has had many great races with Ed Swart, Mr. Chevron.  Can ...
US $97500
Phoenix area, United States

Quickshifter clutchless DOWN SHIFTS & full throttle clutchless upshifts !!!!!

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Car Parts for sale
SEQUENTIAL SHIFT !! Can you do this???? Select 1st gear pull away give full throttle snatch 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th not once coming of full throttle or touching the clutch, corner approaching left foot braking at the last moment keeping suspension even and balanced to work at its optimum, keep braking ease of throttle snatch 5th 4th 3rd 2nd gears in ...
COLCHESTER, United Kingdom

Electric gear shifts for sequential gearbox`s

Posted 03.04.2009 in Rally Car Parts for sale
New affordable electric gearshift system, change up and down the gearbox effortlessly at the click of a button or flick of a paddle (optional extra| complete system only £495 or special offer buy with the flatshifter expert system (full throttle clutchless upshifts and clutchless downshifts & autoblip &; £595 buy both systems together for...
colchester, United Kingdom

clutchless gearshifting kits

Brief product range summary For racers leisure & disabled riders/drivers Club Full or part throttle clutch less up gearshifts. Expert Full or part throttle clutch less up & clutch less down gearshifts (race version of Pro) Max Electric gearshift system with buttons or Paddles. Paddles For all electric & pneumatic gear shift systems...
COLCHESTER, United Kingdom

2007 Ken Block NZRC Subaru Impreza v10 (N12)

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
Group N car for Ken Block built new in 2007 as left-hand drive by Octane Automotive from Subaru supplied 2.0 Spec C v10 road car. • Left-hand drive – only done four rallies• Octane Automotive 4130 extensive lightweight certified cage• Racetech 4009 HR seats with HANS type harness• WRC Developments (NZ) fresh engine with baffled sump• Mo...

Marelli twin plug distributor for Porsche 911 RS RSR S ST

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Car Parts for sale
Description: Raceservice4u Twin plug systems; Twin plug systems were used on many flat 6 Porsche race engines. Examples are 917, RSR 2.8 and 3.0, 914/6, 935 etc. Experts recommend installing a twin-plug ignition system if the compression ratio is higher than 10:1. 911 engines need a high dome piston to get this high compression ratio. The combusti...

BMW M3 DTM 2.5L version 91' Original BMW Motorsport car!!

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Cars for sale
BMW M3 DTM 2.5 version 91. Complete rebuild into original livery. New brakes 6pot calibers, new 184 MM twinplate clutch, new Drenth seq gearbox, can also be delivered with original Hollinger 6 speed H-shift, new rebuild 2.5 engine, carbon dashboard, stack instrument, carbon body parts, 100 L fuelcell, new coolers for gearbox and reardiff, rebuild r...

Peugeot 306 GTI Kronos

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Cars for sale
-super production / DTC Peugeot 306 GTI build by Kronos Racing. -Raced in spa 24H, Macau touringcar race a ...

Escort Mk1 RS2000 Historic rally car

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
Escort Mk1 Historic Rally Car (1973) 2007 Championship winning RS2000 V5 as RS2000 AVO chassis number Historic spec Stage rally log booked Major mechanical overhaul and upgrading by Motoscope, Northallerton, August 08, receipts for £11k Only 1 road event since overhaul, no forest use, although all ready for forests Very little use, only 4 ...
£16,995.00 ono

Electric gear selector kit sequential transmission.

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Car Parts for sale
New affordable electric gearshift system change up and down the gearbox effortlessly at the click of a button or flick of a paddle (optional extra| complete system only £495 Also the flatshifter expert system (full throttle clutchless upshifts and clutch less downshifts autoblip; £725.00 buy both systems together please go to www.quickshifters.co...
COLCHESTER, United Kingdom


Posted 08.03.2009 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
HISTORY OF MORRIS 970 MINI COOPER S REG No: PRX 815BThe vehicle was previously owned by Mr. John Witton who used it from 1964 to 1971 both on the road and for racing, before becoming primarily a group one/two race car, raced on nearly every race circuit during the 60's. Mr. Witton was employed by a national newspaper which ensured many connections ...

Evo 4

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
Rallyschool.co.uk School Car, Full cage, Adjustable suspension, Belts etc ...

1989 Rallye Golf G60 Kit Car

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
1989 Rallye Golf G60Kit Built for Group A competition. FIA Homologation Papers. Xtrac 6 speed Dogbox with spare Differential and Gears. Intercom, Fire Suppression, STACK Instrument, AP brakes + Spares, ProFlex Suspension + spares, Carbon Fiber Body Panels + CF & Steel spares, Speedline Mag. Gravel Wheels, several spare sets of gravel tires, Fue...

Renault Clio RS 2.0 16V

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
For Sale and must sell: Renault Clio RS 2.0 16V 2005 year. In excellent condition and never crashed. Maintenance of the car is always done regardless of costs after every teams. This is an reliable and very fast N3 car. Car specs: standard engine and Sadev gearbox (with pair 5,25), new Proflex shock absorbers with 3 regulators, new sport clutch, ...


SPECIFICATIONS: Transmission: 6 SPD LSD HydraulicYear: 00+ (approx. 30000 miles.) All of our engines are imported directly from Japan Domestic Market with warranty. All of our Motors are tested in Japan and once they arrive in china we do retest before shipment to our customers.FNF Motors is an established enterprise engaged in the business of impo...

Chiron Lmp3-09CN

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Cars for sale
Brand new Chiron LMP3-09 CN cars built to customer specifications.We have all parts in stock to build new cars for customers wanting to race in VdeV or similar series in 2009. Our cars have been updated to the new FIA CN roll hoop regulations for 2009. A few other updates have been made to the cars for the 2009 season . The Chiron Lmp3 now has a sl...

For Sale or Hire - Mallocks 18/25 - Clubmans Cup MG/Rover

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Cars for sale
For Sale or Hire Mallocks 18/25 - Clubmans Cup MG/Rover - ready for 2009 season. Mk 18B chassis with Mk 25 front suspension. Honeycomb floor and side panels - glued and riveted. Assembled by Glen Eagling. Alloy callipers front and rear. Leeson gearbox. Koni alloy double adjustable dampers - front. Spax - Rear. Mumford link - TAM 2. Twin bearing ...

Mitsubishi Evolution II GRP N for sale

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
One recently Seamwelded, repainted, bodyworked GRP N spec mitsubishi evolution II rally car for sale GRP N Engine, MOTEC Engine Management with Launch Control, ALS, TEIN HG and Gravel Master Suspensions, Bride Seats, FIA ralliart rollcage, Terratrip Intercom, AP Racing brake master cylinder, hydraulic handbrake and brake bias controller, re...

Superkart gearbox kart clutchless up gearshifts & clutchless downshifts !!!!!

Posted 08.03.2009 in kit car parts for sale
Electric gear shift system for sequential gearboxs using paddles or buttons for all motorbike engines and Elite Drenth Hewland etc etc gearboxs go to www.flatshifter.com for full details, also full throttle clutchless up shift an clutchless downshift systems available unique system no need to heel & toe bilps the throttle for you exactly the ri...


Posted 08.03.2009 in other karts for sale
Kart with sealed TKM K4S 4-Stroke Engine (200cc) & Starter. For any information about this class and engine please go to www.tal-ko.com G.P Racing Chassis Trolley, Rib Protectors, Cover, New Set Of Wets. I have also will be including a set of mag wheels which I have never used. Only bought the Kart 6 months ago and only raced a few times. New...


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