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3 Tips for Cutting Your Vehicle’s Running Costs

Owning and driving a vehicle is becoming more expensive by the day, and you need to be smart if you want to keep your costs manageable. A lot of people make bad decisions when buying a vehicle or have very bad driving habits, but just making a few changes could be enough for them to significantly cut their costs. Let's take a look at a few tips you can follow if you want to keep your vehicle's running costs as low as possible.

Get Cheaper Insurance

There are tons of different ways that you can reduce your insurance costs, but the easiest way is to compare car insurance quotes between different insurers and switch. If you originally went with the first insurer you came across or picked one because it was recommended to you, there’s a strong chance that you could get a much better deal elsewhere.

Some websites will allow you to compare car insurance quotes in minutes and even make the switch right then and there, so don’t assume that you have to stick with your current insurer and see if you could get a cheaper quote somewhere else.

Drive Smarter

If you have never paid too much attention to the way that you drive, then you should start monitoring your driving habits and see if you are doing things that are causing you to spend more fuel. If you have a habit of leaving your motor running at stop lights, for instance, then you need to stop. Stopping the motor could allow you to save a lot of money over time, especially if you spend most of your time driving in the city. Try to take it easy on the pedal too, as accelerating abruptly will use more fuel and try to use your car's forward momentum on the highway as much as you can.

Driving better will also allow you to reduce maintenance costs. Being mindful of obstacles on the road and driving slower will reduce stress on your shocks and brakes. Being gentler on the steering wheel will increase its longevity and will reduce wear on your tyres and other parts like the differential. So be gentler in general and always watch the way that you drive so you can make improvements.

Get a Smaller Car or One that Uses Other Types of Fuel

If you own a big saloon or a crossover, then see if you could move to a smaller vehicle. Now could also be a good time to start looking at an electric vehicle or a hybrid. A hybrid vehicle will give you some of the benefits of an electric vehicle without the range issues, while an electric vehicle will cost you much less over its lifespan than a hybrid or fuel-powered car. That’s because they are less likely to break down and because of the low cost of electricity compared to fuel. Start looking at your options and don't forget the multiple schemes available for electric vehicle buyers.

These tips should be enough for you to save hundreds and even thousands of pounds in fuel and maintenance per year on your vehicle. Try to adopt healthier habits in general, and pay more attention to where and how you spend your money.

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