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Z.F. S5-18/3 Rally-Race Gearboxes & Parts.

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Classic & Vintage car parts

Gearbox with F.I.A. Rally or Race Ratios for :

- FORD Escort MkI-II, Capri MkI-II-III, Cortina MkI-II, Etc..

- GM-OPEL-VAUXHALL Hadett B-C, Ascona A-B, Manta A-B, Commodore A-B GS-GSi,VAUXHALL Chevette HSR, Firenza-Magnum.
- SUNBEAM-TALBOT Lotus-1600TI, Avenger 1300-1600.
- B.M.W. 02, 05-06, 2000 Ti-TiLux, 1502-1602-1802, etc..
- ALFA Montreal, Veloce 105-110 GT-1300-1600, 1750-2000, GTAm 1750-2000, etc..
- FIAT 131 Abarth-Racing, 124-125. POLSKI & LADA.

- MASERATI Bi-Turbo, Mistral, Bora, Ghibli S, Mistral, Indy, Quattroporte, etc..

* All Parts & Accessories for these Gearboxes are available in new or second-hand.

* Our new Gearboxes assembled in our Workshops, benefits from a guarantee of one year, Parts and Work (except for Synchrorings, Crowns on the Gears and Sliding Sleeves of Synchronization). According to options, Prices on request.

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Etain, France
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