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Westfield SEi R1 carbon car - highest spec

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Westfields for sale

Destined for tarmac rallying the car has been highly specified for it's task. Designed with the smooth, slippery tarmac of Barbados in mind, the car is easily adjusted to challenge on the hills and circuits of Europe. High hopes are held for this very advanced, highly engineered machine.


A unique Westfield SEi chassis was the starting point, the chassis was then significantly stiffened and strengthened post-factory with extensive bracing to ensure rigidity and durability. The chassis is panelled in pre-preg carbon-fibre, with a 2.7mm carbon-fibre floorpan running the length of the car to further enhance rigidity and ensure the base of the car is, quite literally, bulletproof. A lightweight T45 FIA Custom Cages multi-point roll-cage sees to the safety of those inside.


The 1000cc 20v Yamaha R1 engine has been solidly mounted to the chassis through triangulated engine mounts and carbon fibre bracing. The engine has been baffled, ported and re-jetted, air is taken in through QB Carbon turned down inlets. A Barnett billet spring clutch replaces the existing diaphragm unit with kevlar plates and uprated steels completing the clutch setup. The manifold is a custom-made thinwall stainless steel serpent design mating onto an oval carbon-fibre race silencer.


The six-speed sequential box is linked to a flat-shift gear-change system - utilising Fluke Motorsport's paddle-shift steering wheel, the intelligent unit cuts the ignition for 30 milliseconds while the solenoid slots in the next gear allowing semi-automatic changes up and down the gearbox - like PlayStation, only louder. There is a steering-column mounted mechanical system for redundancy.

The engine is linked to the Quaife ATB differential through a centre-bearing Bailey Morris prop.

Suspension & steering

Custom valved adjustable alluminium Avo shock absorbers control all four corners in Bajan specification. Aerofoil section wide-track double wishbones at the front, double wishbones at the rear, adjustable anti-roll bars at both ends. In UK spec the car runs Fluke Motorsport's inboard shock conversion with remote gas adjustable shocks, further reducing the unsprung weight and decreasing the aerodynamic drag. Steering is from the near-centre driven alloy 1.6 turn quick-rack.

Electrics and Plumbing

A loom designed and installed by EEC utilises lightweight thinwall aeroquip wiring throughout. Minature relays and individual circuit breakers complete the electrical setup. Lighting is provided by Hella with the addition of a nose-mounted carbon-fibre lamppod for the night sections. Water lines are silicone from Highbury Hose linking the alloy swirl pot and alloy radiator. Alluminium fuel lines feed life into the four 40mm Mikuni carburettors.


Alloy four-pot calipers stop Fluke Motorsport's ultra-lightweight floating rotors and alloy bells at the front, with two-pot one-piece alloy calipers stopping Fluke Motorsport's machined lightweight discs on the rear. Pagid RS-15 brake pads are installed. A line lock can lock the fronts when needed, with a vertical hydraulic handbrake controlling the rear for those hairpins. Uprights and hubs are again alloy all round, switching to Fluke Motorsport's super-lightweight upright and hub assembly for UK competition.


The driver and co-driver sit in two high-back carbon-fibre seats held in with six-point 3" FIA Willans harnesses. Full datalogging is provided by MyChron, instrumentation through carbon-fibre Autometer gauges and co-driver computer and logger by IMO. Driver and co-driver are catered for with an on-board drinks system courtesy of Camelbak. Communication is through Terratrip's Pro intercom system.


Wheels are the lightweight Rial Challenge 13x7s, running Yokohama super-soft 205 A032s for Bajan shores, reverting to Avon ACB10s for UK competition.

Body shell, nose, wings, bonnet, cycle wings, boot panel, backpanel, tunnnel, dashboard and two-teir contoured diffuser are again all pre-preg carbon fibre with a mix of kevlar and nomex honeycomb where required - ensuring that weight is kept to an absolute minimum.

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