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1967 2.0 Ford Cortina Classic Rally Car

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Rally Preparation Services is pleased to offer this unusual Ford Cortina Classic rally car. Built to compete on the 1993 re-run of the classic London to Sydney rally finishing 21st O/A and then went on to complete the London to Mexico re-run in 1995 finishing 11th Overall


Ford introduced the Mark 2 Cortina in 1966. Essentially a re-skinned MK1 and slightly underpowered but in 1967 the new Cortina was upgraded with one of the most famous engines of all time; the “Crossflow” Of course it was the Lotus Cortina with the signature Sherwood Green stripe and evocative sound track from twin Weber carburettors that captured the hearts of those who wished to be Roger Clark. But for marathon rallies the Lotus engine was too frail. In 1968 Roger Clark suffered piston failure in his Lotus Cortina handing the victory to the Hillman Hunter so for the 1970 London to Mexico Ford abandoned the Lotus and used the more reliable Crossflow engine in the new Escort. Victory and the Escort Mexico followed.


As we move forward to 1993 and the historic re-run of the London to Sydney an entry is planned by Peter Sugden from the Ford PR team in a Lotus Cortina. Using the same logic that had served Ford so well in 1970 a more reliable engine is required but this time the more powerful 2.0 Pinto was chosen. Although the Pinto was never fitted by Ford to the Mk2 Cortina in series production, there was an overlap when they were built side by side. Engine swaps on Fords of this period have always been straightforward.


The Pinto has the exhaust on the right hand side which would foul on the steering gear on a Lotus Cortina so armed with the expertise of the Ford works rally team an Escort cross-member, front suspension and steering rack are all fitted. Other rally preparation follows the well documented format that has served Ford so well.


After Two Marathon events the Cortina languished for nearly twenty years until restored and revitalised in 2010. The original 1993 London to Sydney plates are still fitted to the doors but this is no trailer queen. This Cortina is a classic rally car in every sense in that it has provenance and yet is ready for more. We have looked after this Cortina for the current owner for the last four years regardless of cost (as he likes to remind us) and he has campaigned it with enthusiasm including three entries on the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and three on Le Jog, most recently in 2018.


The car is currently residing at RPS’ sister company – the SASCo storage facility and available for inspection.


All viewings and test drives welcomed by appointment at Rally Preparation Services.


All enquiries to Martin on martin@rpscvm.com or telephone +44 (0)1993 358009.




Shell: Seam welded, multipoint cage braced to struts.

2.0 SOHC motor. Alloy sump. Twin 45 DCOE Weber Carburettors, Piper 285 camshaft. 145 BHP at 6,250 RPM.

Uprated type 9 gearbox, single piece propshaft

Coil sprung baby Atlas axle 4.6:1 Quaife LSD with Tran X two piece H/D half shafts..

Front; ventilated front discs

Rear; solid discs.

Bias pedal box with dash adjuster

Hydraulic handbrake.

Adjustable platform front struts, roller top mounts, World Cup type cross-member adjustable track control arms, hi-ratio steering rack and anti-roll bar with

double width mounts

Coil sprung 5-link axle with adjustable platform struts

120 litre alloy boot mounted foam filled tank.

Twin Facet fuel pumps.

OMP steering wheel.

Cobra seats.

TRS harnesses.

Monit trip meter.

Competition wiring loom with dash mounted fuses and relays

Twin driving lamps..

OMP Plumbed in 4 litre fire extinguisher system and hand-held 1.75 AFF

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