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Avanti FWD Renault clio close ratio gearbox suit rally race

Posted 08.03.2009 in

Rally Car Parts for sale

Renault JB3 gearbox, with Avanti GrpA syncromeshed internals.
Suit R5, Clio 16v, Clio Williams, Clio 172/182

This is a bespoke gear-cluster with considerably lower and closer ratios than standard, the same ratios as used in the Clio GrpA rally cars. This makes it ideal for sprint/hillclimbs or rally ing.
Renault being Renault use an intergral geared input shaft, meaning all gears except 5th are fixed and specific to that shaft. This means that you cant mix and match individual clusters like you can with some other car manufacturers, and since none of the existing renault gearbox's allow for anything which could be classed as close-ratio, the only option is this item unless you spend ALOT more for the likes of a Sadev unit.

It has a standard differential fitted currently, but theres plenty of options out there for LSD's.

It has the following ratios:
1st: 11/32 2nd: 15/32, 3rd: 19/32 4th: 22/30 5th: 25/29

The gear-cluster alone is just shy of £2500 new (2100+vat). This obviously doesnt include casings or labour to have it built up.

It was stripped and snychros replaced about 2 years ago, and hasnt been used since. Obviously everything was inspected at the same time, all was perfect....no chipped teeth, damaged bearings etc.

Only reason im selling is because its surplus to requirments, and I cant see it having any use from me.

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