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SAAB 96 V4 Rally Car

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Rally Cars for sale

A veritable Aladdin’s Cave is opened up to all SAAB and classic car enthusiasts … join the SAAB team in November on the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

RALLY SAAB 96 V4 1972
Briefly what’s on offer is:- A fully prepped shell (painted in the white and blue of the Finnish SAAB Team) with Safety Devices multi point cage, works spec big engine (1.8 ltr) and works close ratio gearbox with limited slip diff, handmade free flow exhaust, and competition suspension.

The car comes with a kit of parts that allows you to decide from the following options:-

a) 40dfi (Rare) on the works inlet manifold.
b) 2 x Twin 45DCOE on CT manifold cross over manifold

a) Group 1 gearbox with competition final drive and limited slip diff.
b) Spare Group 1 gearbox with competition final drive.

A more detailed specification for the car can be found below:-

1. Laminated windscreen.
2. Autolec battery master cut off switch with diode protection circuit, ext / int switched.
3. Cheese grater front grill with Cibie H4 round headlamp units – 100 W each.
4. Quick release auxiliary bracket with option to use 2 no. Cibie Super Oscar drive lamps – 100 W each and 2 no. Lucas fog’s 50 W each (circa 1972).
5. Steel sumpguard with SAAB Sport and Rally style brackets securing guard to inner wing.
6. Front shock absorbers – Sachs competition units (rose jointed), rear shocks Bilstein competition units.
7. Front road springs – SAAB works forest specification.
8. Anti roll bar removed to assist traction during cornering.
9. Front upper + lower wishbones strengthened as recommended by SAAB Competitions Dept.
10. Suspension geometry adjusted to + ¼ degree camber and + 2 degrees caster (improved handling).
11. Suspension turrets and inner wings strengthened as recommended by SAAB Competitions Dept.
12. 8 off 4 ½ SAAB Sport & Rally steel wheels.
13. Hand-made free flow (based on SAAB Sport & Rally competition exhaust), exiting the engine bay through holes cut in floor to the rear of the engine bay.
14. Bonnet converted from front hinge type to complete lift off with bonnet pins.
15. Front bulkhead fire proofed with GRP.
16. Twin air horns installed.
17. Hole cut in middle of battery tray for serviceability to N/S suspension turret.
18. Mexico Style competition engine mounts.
19. Central stay in engine bay strengthened @ juncture with inner wings & converted into additional engine mount, securing gearbox bellhousing as per later works specification rallycross cars.
20. Sports HT coil & spare coil alongside.
21. Up-rated 55amp/hr alternator.
22. Works type radiator and expansion box.
23. Competition front disc pads with dust shields bent to flow air over discs.
24. Perspex rear side windows.
25. Rear axle drop straps shortened.
26. Std. Fuel pump removed & mounting face blanked off. 2 no. electric high pressure fuel pumps installed (switchable from one to another) in boot area. Goodrich fuel pipe throughout.


27. Full Safety Devices roll cage mounted onto strengthened floor pan.
28. Rev counter.
29. Air horn switch mounted centrally on dash for driver / co-driver use.
30. Mountney 14 steering wheel.
31. Internal connections to battery master switch & fire extinguisher.
32. Brants Retro Trip.
33. 2 no. additional map pockets.(co-drivers side).
34. Fly off handbrake.
35. 2 no. full 4 point racing harnesses.
36. 2 no. competition bucket seats.
37. 1 no. fluorescent tube light.
38. 1 no. Don Barrow map magnifier with 12 v connection.
39. 1 no. 1st aid kit + red warning triangle + SOS board.
40. All internal sound deadening + rear seat / majority of internal trim removed (lightened shell) as per group 5 specification.
41. Rear suspension turrets strengthened.
42. Fuel tank area fire proofed & steel plated.
43. Spare wheel moved & secured to steel plated bulkhead above fuel tank.


1. Cylinder head flowed and ported with large valves (42mm inlet / 37mm exhaust). Valve springs uprated (S&R). Heads milled 1mm off face which with V6 pistons give compression ratio to 8.94:1, with head combustion chamber of 42.0cc.
2. Modified Ford V6 competition head gaskets. 1.5mm head gaskets compressing to 1.25mm gives gasket space capacity of 8.8cc.
3. 1700cc competition stroked crank (66.8mm stroke).
4. 7.6 SAAB rally cam with lightened std. followers with 11.5mm lift.
5. Lightened flywheel as per (Sport & Rally), 16.1 lbs to 12.8 lbs.
6. Up-rated oil pump spring (Sport & Rally).
7. Steel balance shaft gear.
8. Exhaust manifold ports increased to 44mm.
9. Competition clutch cover (with stronger springs) and competition linings.


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Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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