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Rally Cars for sale

¤ ¤ Further to a death, to sell Works Rallycar R.A.S. in Belgium built in the period for Marc SOULET (B), year 1990. 

F.I.A. Homologation Form nr. = A-5414. 


After its repurchase in 1996, this Rallycar made only Hill Climb in Joël RODBERG's hands, the last owner. 

* BODYSHELL : True MOTORSPORT ref. 9094012 fully rebuilt. 
- MOTORSPORT  RollBar multi-point welded. 
- New Painting interior and exterior. 

* ENGINE : Fully renovated in 2010, + or - 80 kms from Hill Climb. 
- 420 HP without Restrictor. With Restrictor Ø 34mm. = 320 HP. 

* MANAGEMENT : R.A.S.  Ecu (2x). 
- MOTORSPORT Grey Injectors 9092438. - 2 pcs 3 Bars MAP Sensor.  
* TURBO : GARRETT with MARAM Axis 360° with Abutment. 

* EXHAUST : MOTORSPORT ref. 9095346, with Exit under rear left Door. 

* CLUTCH : AP-RACING Bi-Discs Ø 184mm. 

* GEARBOX : MT75 GrpA 5 speed original MOTORSPORT ref. 9094853 with central Visco 50-50 with 2nd gear broken = Gearbox to revise ! 
Car currently equipped with a GrpN MT75 Gearbox with central Visco 50/50 and Ratio 4.44. Second MT75 GrpA MOTORSPORT Gearbox ref. 9095166 in spare parts to assemble. 

- Front : 6½" QUAIFE with reinforced Housing. 
- Rear : 9" MOTORSPORT Ref. 9092970, Ratio : 4.44. 

* SUSPENSION : Full GrpA MS909 Tarmac specs, conforme to Homologation '1990. 


* BRAKES :  AP-RACING conforme certification 1990. 
- Front : 4 Pistons Calipers, Discs Ø 330 mm.. 
- Rear : 4 Pistons Calipers, Discs Ø 285 mm.. 
- AP-RACING/MOTORSPORT Pedal-Box with master-cylinders Ø 0.7". Balance Frt./Rr. on the dashboard 
- Hydraulics "Fly-Off" Handbrake and TILTON dispatcher. 

- Steering Pump Z.F./MOTORSPORT ref. 9095670, 100 Bars with Cooler. 

* FUEL TANK : ATL 56 Lts. with 2 x Pumps BOSCH 044, 5 bar and double Filters BOSCH

* WIRING : Type lightweight Aircraft, Cables, Terminals and Weldings in Silver. 

* WHEELS : TECNO-MAGNESIO 12x 8"x 16" mounted with PIRELLI Tyres. 

* SUMPGUARD : Carbon with brackets and fasteners MOTORSPORT 9094918 & 9094787. 

* LIGHTS : Lampod and Bumper Pods with CIBIE TURINI Ø 200 mm. Optics.   

* FIRE EXTINGUISHERS : 4 kgs. Automatic electric and 2.5 kgs. Manual, to check.   

* SEAT : 1 EKTOR only, to replace along with the SABELT harness. 

* Many parts, including a second rear Differential, 2x GrpA GARETT Turbos, Clutches, CWP for front & rear Diff., Transmissions, MOTORSPORT/BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers, EIBACH,Springs, 2x GrpA Steering Racks, rear steel Arms MOTORSPORT, Cooling Hoses, etc. , etc.. 

¤ ¤  CAR TO FINISH !  ¤ ¤ 

CONTACT  Information and Photos on request :  <motoraction.rallying.ZF@gmail.com>


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Motoraction Rallying-ZF Gearboxes and Parts
ÉTAIN, France

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