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WRC focus cosworth YB

Posted 09.11.2012 in

Rally Cars for Sale

This car has proved it worth on many rallies

7th overall on monteburge rally sprint
1st in class many times
won the Belgium FIRC tarmac rally championship 2012
In the right hands this is a rally winning car

Fully seam welded with multi point international FIA specT45 cage, completely modified to accept WRC escort parts, complete 2005 M-sport spec WRC body kit, alloy tank with carbon cover, new motor drive seats, TRS 3' harnesses , alloy seat rails, heated front screen, carbon door panels ,
Full FIA fire system,

WRC cosworth engine, Alloy YB 200 motor sport block with 10 long studs and oil jets, OMEX ECU with ALS , logging, water injection and water spray, new WRC polished & ported cylinder head, APR long head bolts, WRC steel head gasket ,cosworth WRC short pistons, cosworth WRC long con rods, BD10 exhaust cam BD14 inlet cam, dissy less ignition, super high efficient plenum, GPA ported inlet manifold, grey injectors, air to air injectors, alloy breather system, big wing baffled sump,
Alloy engine pulleys, GPA T34 turbo, engine oil cooler, RS 500 intercooler with water cooler kit , inlet temp sensors, flat shift system, launch control, traction control,

5 speed sequential gear box with paddle shift system, 909 ford motor sport thick walled 6 ½ front diff with LSD , 7 ½ rear diff with plated ZF LSD , GPA front and rear drive shafts, paddle clutch,
Hydraulic clutch system, gear box cooler system,
Suspension front
50mm front biltein dampers , alloy WRC front uprights , alloy TCA, steel comp struts , steel WRC front cross member , front adjustable bladed roll bar, WRC alloy front top mounts,

Suspension rear
41mm rear bilstein dampers , alloy WRC rear uprights, steel WRC rear cradle , WRC lower links, adjustable bladed roll bar, alloy top mounts,

355mm front AP racing discs with billet 6 pot calipers, carbon pads, 325mm rear discs with billet 4 pot calipers, vertical hyd hand brake, mag bias pedal box, AP racing brake cylinders,

With spares , and wheels

Sensible Offers and I will take an escort cosworth in part - x

Part Exchange: escort cosworth GPN or GPA
may even swap for something intresting , lancia, Audi , ??

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london, United Kingdom

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