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Algema MT 3500kg 5m x 2.2m Multipurpose Tilt Bed Trailer 2625 kg Load Capacity!


///ALGEMA MultiTrans K5022/3513


Wabtec Developments Ltd are the ONLY official UK importer of ///ALGEMA FIT-ZEL products. These trailers are designed for Professional use and come with a 10 Year Guarantee on the bed and chassis. These trailers are well known in Europe for being the best on the market.

The FIT-ZEL ///ALGEMA philosophy is to create strong, light weight, well engineered products that are quick, easy and safe to use, saving you time and money. 

These products are built to a specification - not a price. They are built to last but also to look good. They do not rattle and bang! They do not bounce all over the road! 


-Get your business noticed for the right reasons- 


The ALGEMA Multi-Trans K5022/3513 advertised is a durable multi purpose tilt deck trailer, fitted with the unique pendulum swing axle which compensates for different hitch heights whilst keeping both axles equally loaded.


The pivoting drawbar tilt mechanism is strong but also lightweight and keeps both axles on the ground when tilted reducing the weight transfer to the towing vehicle when loading 


The rear tailgate which doubles up as a loading ramp (which is available in two different lengths) can also be folded flat to reduce wind resistance when empty, the rear tail gate and side boards can also be doubled up as advertising surfaces for your business, we can organise your company logos on these panels,


The load capacity of the base trailer is 2625KG extra items on the specifications to this particular trailer reduce the payload to 2601KG


All our trailers come fitted with Shock Absorbers for added Safety and Stability  


Another unique feature to this trailer is the Lift Axle which enables manual maneuvering of the empty trailer an easy one person task.


Below is a table showing the different specifications available


MULTI-TRANS      Total Weight approx. [kg]      Nett Weight approx. [kg] Payload approx. [kg] Load Area L x W [m]      Tyres           Rim     Loading Height[m]

K4120/2710                                2700                                     720                    1980                         4.10 x 2.04                    195/55R10C    ALU       0,54

K4620/2710                                2700                                     755                    1945                         4.60 x 2.04                    195/55R10C   ALU       0,54

K5022/2710                                2700                                     780                    1920                         5.00 x 2.20                    195/55 R10C   ALU       0,54

K4120/3010                                3000                                     740                    2260                         4.10 x 2.04                    195/55 R10C  ALU       0,54

K4620/3010                                3000                                     760                    2240                         4.60 x 2.04                    195/55 R10C  ALU       0,54

K5020/3010                                3000                                     780                    2220                         5.00 x 2.20                    195/55 R10C  ALU       0,54

K4620/3513                                3500                                     835                    2665                         4.60 x 2.04                    195/55 R13C  ALU       0,65

K5022/3513                                3500                                     875                    2625                         5.00 x 2.20                    195/55 R13C  ALU       0,65



Tarpaulin or hard covers are also available, wooden or aluminium floor and manual and electric winches.


There are various different specifications available, please get in contact with your requirements and we can tailor something to suit your individual needs.


We have a Demo trailer on stock for viewing/immediate purchase


Orders for trailers have a 8-10 week delivery time from Germany


Prices will fluctuate with exchange rate.

If you are looking for a trailer than can stand up to everyday use and give maximum comfort and does not rattle then come and look at what we have to offer, The full range can be found at www.algema.de we also have 3 other models on stock


Please call for Will on 07976299409 for more information or to book a demo


All prices are plus VAT at 20%

Price includes delivery to the UK


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