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Iveco Daily 35/10 5.5 3.5 LWB Hitop Large Awning Motorhome Race Transporter

£1000 ono


Suitable for use as Motorhome Race Transporter or for spares and use the awning for another van!

Iveco Daily Classic 85/10 LWB extra long wheel base, hi-top van with a very large awning, 1997 red.
Turbo diesel engine 2800cc.
This is the BIGGEST 3.5 tonne van that I have ever seen or found. 21ft long/ 6.5m with 14ft of internal loading space. This is the 5.5 tonne twin rear wheel Italian model with larger diesel tank, imported by Parcelforce as a fleet in 1997, the fleet was registered en masse as 3.5 tonnes, it has the 5.5 tonne lorry chassis with a van body and therefore carries a lot of weight. It also has twin wheels at the back. I have put the entire contents of a loaded 3.5 Merc Sprinter 313CDI LWB hitop and there was still space and she wasn’t overloaded. There is plenty room at weekends for a double lilo plus a seating and cooking area for 4 people.
Unfortunately she needs a bit of work do I’ve bought a smaller newer Merc van so not worth me doing the work on it and has just sat on the drive for the past 6 months awaiting a mate to buy her who at the last minute has let me down!
I have lots of photos that I will try and upload on the evening of Sunday 23rd when I’m on a better internet connection as I cannot get them to load on my netbook.
It has a very large and water tight awning custom fitted at £3500 by the Awning Company (Awningcompany.co.uk who also do repairs and spares) the UK’s largest awning manufacturing company. The awning goes the length of the vehicle and spreads out for extra room over the passenger door too. There is a zipped doorway in each of the side panels and a doorway in the front panel or any panel can be left off. The doorways or the complete panels can be rolled up completely during the day to allow better access and for extra fresh air in hot weather.
The doorway of the front panel can also be used an extra porch. The awning poles are very heavy and substantial and staked down in a wind do not move. The awning although it can be put up with one person does require 2 to unwind the initial roof, one to unwind whilst the other holds it steady and attached the legs. There is a wind skirt which attaches to a runner and blocks the wind coming from under the van and one that goes round the front wheel (which needs 2 of the poppers repairing). The awning fits into 3 bags and the 3 long roof poles and the 2 legs go into brackets on the top right inside the van still leaving all the floor space clear. Although this van has a fibreglass roof the fitters put n metal reinforcing plates to mount the awning cassette from.
I used the van about 20 weekends a year and the awning only for 10 weekends a year for 2 years only, as I preferred to use a party tent for our needs then.
The awning meaures 15' 2' across the front and 18' 1' across the back and is 12' 2' deep so that's a lot of space! The front bar measures 5' 10' from the floor but can be adjusted higher on the legs to be 6''2, each leg has 3 positions and can be used to even the awning out when used on a slope.
There is a fitted wooden door into the back from the cab which has a hasp on it for a padlock, it is handy when parked up for chucking personal gear or anything you aren’t using for the weekend into the front seat out of the way for extra storage without having to open the cab doors. The bit behind the driver’s seat is panelled in. I put in a double passenger seat when I bought her.
All the locks on the doors work fine except the passenger door only locks/unlocks from the inside and I have never bothered to get it fixed or looked at.
Parcelforce sold the fleet in 2002 at auction, my mate Sean bought this one and sold it to me in 2005, one careful lady owner and well maintained by a great mechanic Mac at Cambridge Car and Commercials in Digbeth, Birmingham. I got stopped at a VOSA checkpoint in 2009 and their mechanic asked me to congratulate Mac on his work as he was very surprised at the high standard of mechanical maintenance for a van of that age and mileage and my brakes got 99% in the tests which quite stunned him!
As you can see there is quite a bit of rust on the edges of both the side panels at the back of each side. Both the wheel arches have rust and holes too. I did get a quote for the welding work but as I don’t use the awning and the van is very heavy for me to drive (size 10 female) and I’m not getting any younger now it really is too much for me and I’ve bought a smaller newer Merc van so not worth me doing the work on it. The welder also said the holes round the wheel arch can be fibreglassed in but the welding near the stress points must be addressed.
She has 6 good tyres and a brand new spare. She had a brand new battery costing £80 end of May. New exhaust in 2008 from Zepellin Spares. She had a new Cat 2 immobiliser and alarm fitted in May 2010 but I keep busting the back door contact dragging boxes in and out so that needs looked at too.
I have kept a full service history over the past 6 years I’ve owned her. She needs the timing belt done at 193000 miles (current mileage is 186000) and also another strap on the diesel tank as one broke and was mentioned on the MOT pass that it needed to be done. The springs make a bit of noise on loading/unloading but they are getting old. I got the gear box rebuilt in 2005 on purchase. Extremely reliable van and brilliant engine, never breaks down, always starts first time and has done me proud for the past 6 years I will be sad to see her go as she’s never let me down, everyone who has looked at her has said how surprised they are at how good her engine and mechanical works are.
Very suitable to convert into a motor home and ideal for a racer as plenty space to transport bikes in the back OR for spares as she has a great engine, gearbox, wheels and brakes. No I don’t fancy taking the awning off to sell separately, I’ve had loads of offers for the awning, please buy her whole if you wish the awning and then you have a free van to sell on! I’d consider it a pinch if she doesn’t sell.
Note – the photos taken from the rear door show an internal wooden poles box which took up the rear half of the van and was used to put an extra party tent in, it will be taken out beforehand, there was still room to stand upright in the van where the box is, my mate stood in the van is 5’10 without shoes so even someone of 6ft can stand comfortably upright in it.
MOT runs out Wed 26th October 2011 and the tax runs out 31st Dec 2011. She has a private registration plate A??? GAL which cost me just over £100 which might as well stay on her., I still have insurance in place for her for another 3 weeks.
I’ve written the description as honestly as I can if there is anything I’ve omitted or any questions please ask them or phone me 07774 291381. You can see the van in Birmingham B33 area. I can start her up on the drive and take you for a test drive as I still have insurance in place for her for another 3 weeks, I can deliver her depending on how far you are away. I have this van advertised on other websites so if she sells before the end of the classified ad I will withdraw her.
MOT failures –
Needs the service brake and parking brake adjusting as she’s just been sitting for 6 months just being driven round the block occasionally when I’ve been getting my other van out.
The offside front step, offside rear sills, nearside front step and nearside rear body has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings.
Windscreen wipers need adjusting, side marker light and reg plate lamp need bulbs changing/checking. These were all working at the beginning of the year.
Fuel tank has a small damp patch on it, so marked down as leaking.
Windscreen has damage to an area less than a 40mm circle outside zoneA, offside front suspension has slight play in upper suspension ball joint, front brakes require adjustment, throttle sticky, fuel tank 1 strap snapped out of 3 but tank still secure, small oil leak.
My phone number and all details are above, please get in touch for photos and any questions, full details and photos on Ebay.

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