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Citroen C2 S1600

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Cars for sale
Citroen C2 S1600, totally rebuild for the 2008 season, new airintake, new suspension, absolutely mint condition. Available parts for example, lamppod with zenon-lamps, spare driveshafts, brakeparts, complete exhaustsystem, bumper, wings, extra wheels etc.May accept partexchange with other rally -car.If you are seriously interested we can send CD w...

Folding Tent

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Car Parts for sale
We have folding tents in very high Quality, Alu-frame and hinges in metal, very strong material and in different colours, the sidewalls are attache to each other with a zipper, and horisontal velcro attachment to the roof main sizes: 3 x 4,5 - 3 x 6 - 4 x 6 meters ...
£From 540

Tyrewarmers with electronic control

Posted 08.03.2009 in Rally Car Parts for sale
New Tyre Warmers with control-box on each heater, diff. the temp on front and rear or... very good quality, will be delivered with wind-stoppers. Don´t hessitate to contact us for further information. We have the most sizes in stock ...
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