michelin rallytyres

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Rally Car Parts for sale

2 x p2b 90%
2 x p2a new
2x ta00 new

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j.j.n van der zalm

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Load cell / strain gauge gear knob.

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Flatshifter Club system enables Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts only.£379.00 Flatshifter Expert Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts & (auto throttle blipped) clutchless down gearshifts (race version of the Pro kit above) for faster riders & drivers essential for highway, track days & race use.£799.00 Flatshif...
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Radical pro-sport hayabusa Quickshifter,& paddle shift kits

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DO YOU HAVE A SEQUENTIAL SHIFT !! Can you do this???? Select 1st gear pull away give full throttle snatch 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th not once coming of full throttle or touching the clutch, corner approaching left foot braking at the last moment keeping suspension even and balanced to work at its optimum, keep braking ease of throttle snatch 5th 4th 3rd...
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Clutchless down gearshift system (autoblip)|

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Flatshifter 'blip' stand alone Clutchless downshift system for all sequential transmissions (autoblip) blips the throttle for your when downshifting exactly the right amount at exactly the correct time ]every time no more heel & toe required works on motorbikes upto v10 engines +44 01206 322557 or www.flatshifter.com full details may not be on ...
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Historic kart wanted

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Historic / vintage race kart wanted  100 cc 125 150 cc etc anything considered, ...
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Strain gauge load cell gear knob sequential transmissions

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Strain gauge gear knob details below. Also from Flatshifter. Full throttle clutchless up & down gearshift systems. Electric gearshift system Paddles Standalone clutchless 'Autoblip'' downshift system The Flatshifter 'shift' is a strain gauged shear beam force sensor gear knob is designed to replace the OEM gear knob on a sequential gearbo...
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Michelin/BF Goodrich Taki

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8x Michelin NA00 10/65-15 (90%) a´140€ 2x Black Rocket 155-15 (new) a' 160€ 4x Michelin NA00 10/65-16 (90%) a' 140€ 2x Michelin NA00 10/65-16 (new) a' 160€ 4x BF Goodrich ICE GA1 145/80-16 (80%) a' 125€   Tires without rims!! Shipping possible!   Infos: office@homeofmotorsport.at or 00436643013027 ...
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FOR SALE: LHD Mitsubishi EVO 8 2003 Group N

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•RECARO HANS seats•SABELT 6 points seat belts (not valid after 2010, made 3 GEN. 2005, Italy, FIA D-120.T/98, FIA D-121.T/98.)•SPARCO extinguisher system•OMP steering-wheel•CORALBA Rally for co-driver•PIAA extra head lamps•Carbon interior •OHLINS heavy duty dampers•GEMS engine management•new ceramic clutch•5-speed dog box with...
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Formula Renault 2.0 for sale

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The car is bought brand new from TATUUS Italy in 2005.It’s in perfect condition.It has been driven only 11 races in the German championship in 2005. The engine,gearbox and differential have all original renault sport seals.The spare parts are: 1 new set of Michelin tires, 4 used sets of Michelin tires,3 spare sets of rims,1 starter motor,Teleme...


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For sale tyres Rally news: 14x Pirelli RS5 180/625-172x Pirelli RS9 225/650-184x Michelin snow D10 18/65-18 50€/each or 800€/total ...
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