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Posted 25.01.2010
A gallery of the strip and rebuild of a Group A Mitsubishi Evo 3.
Posted 25.04.2009
Raced & Rallied present a short guide on the different types of cars in the Westfield Sportscar range and offer some tips on buying these cars second hand. Models in the Westfield range Westfield PreLit This was the original 'copy' of the Lotus/Caterham 7, so called as it is 'pre litigation' ie. before they were forced to change the design! Alluminium panels are utilised, suspension/components from the MG and Triumph Herald. Identical in size/shape to the Caterham. Kit parts are no longer officially available but replacements can be sourced from the Westfield factory. Westfield SE...
Posted 25.04.2009
Here we present an article detailing the different classes in rally cars and shed light on the phrases frequently used in rally car adverts. Guide to Rally Car Classes WRC In circulation from 1997 onwards, a WRC is typically a 2000cc, turbo charged 4WD car based on an existing production car shell/silhouette. However, that's where the similarity pretty much ends. Active differentials (front, centre and rear), aerodynamic modifications, bespoke engine and components (with the addition of a 34mm restrictor), typically, power is limited through the restrictor to around 330bhp, however,...
Posted 20.04.2009
Damian Yearwood continues to share the progress of the Roger Skeete Subaru WRC S9 being rebuilt in Barbados.
Posted 20.04.2009
Damian Yearwood continues to keep us up to date with the rebuild of the Roger Skeete Subaru WRC S9 in Barbados.
Posted 16.03.2009
Damian Yearwood kindly shares the photo gallery of a chassis up rebuild of a Subaru Impreza WRC S9 being built in Barbados.
Posted 12.03.2009
The picture posted is a turbo, headers and exhaust. On the up-pipe/headers side of the turbo, there is an extra flex pipe with a black box attached to it. The pipe pulls air in from the hot side of the intercooler and then pulsates it through the black box (the rocket) and then finally through the turbo, keeping the turbo spinning. This would prove to be a more effective way at canceling out the lag and not going with the bang-bang ALS that a lot of cars use. picture of the turbo side of the ALS system. The rocket is a device is fitted to the header just in front of the turbo and works as a...
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