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Renault Clio Williams, rally, group A for sale

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Rally Cars for sale

We offer to sell rally special Renault Clio Williams. Year of manufacture is 1994, it is one of the last produced pieces, serial number 3517. Car is build for group A. 4 original Speedline discs (gold ones) are included with car AND 4 brand new BRAID discs in rally specs (completely new, never driven) with same dimensions. There was a lot of work done with the car.
Engine is mounted firmly (sturdily) using modified silent-blocks (engine mounting parts), most stressed engine mount part is manufactured tailored from very hard and robust material hardned alloy (CERTAL). Just this one mount costed 480€. These firm engine mounts are absolute must for HEWLAND type gearbox (dog box), which is used in this car. It is 5 speed, no-clutch-needed gearbox with H type shifting. Gear ratios are made for rally racing, maximum speed is around 175 km/h (108 mph), long first gear. Gearbox is high quality and reliable, it has also reinforced casing, because generally gearboxes on Clios were cracking.

Part of gearbox is also multi-plate limited slip differential (LSD), which is adjustable when opening gearbox. Actual setup is cca in the middle, so it is engaging soon, but not too uncomfortable to driver. Clutch is sport ceramic 4 segment with shortened movement!

Driveshafts and joints are brand new and reinforced. Car has special suspension in front from Beckert motorsport (they are Reiger copies) with external reservoirs (!) and they are adjustable. Suspension is primarily for tarmac. Rear shock absorbers are original Bilstein Motorsport (made in Germany). Mounting of front shock absorbers is converted and redesigned to sporty and it is also reinforced, it is possible to change declination. We have been tuning suspension for a long time and it costed us a lot of money until we found optimal variant. Car is behaving well, it does not jump all around and it is keeping on the road even on very rough surfaces, while not leaning (pitching).

There is high quality protection plate (ski) from robust but light material under the engine, so whole bottom of car is protected against impacts from bottom, for example while cutting corners.

Car has safety roll-cage according to FIA regulations and original homologation list FIA, which is included with car. Roll-cage is made honestly and with high quality from prescribed materials. Total weight of car is slightly over 1000kg. Car has serial brakes with new brake piping and hoses, it has ATE brake discs and Ferodo DS3000 brake pads. There is bigger main brake cylinder installed, original one is shipped with car too. However we will ship big brake kit with this car, original Wilwood 4 pots + brake discs and pads! There is also installed adjustable (during ride) braking effect limitter to rear brakes, original Wilwood, so You can set up braking power ratio between front and rear of the car by Your own taste.

Hand brake is hydraulic Wilwood, very reliable and without any problems. Steering wheel is sporty - Sparco and it can be adjusted verticaly and also horizontaly, now it is lenghtened for a taller driver. There is also installed LICO foot rest for co-driver.

There is new OMP fire extinguisher system in car, homologated and valid until 2017, then You just need to prolong it. Jets (nozzles) are mounted by FIA homologation into engine area and also crew area of the car. Controls from fire extinguisher system is manual from inside and also from outside of the car, as required by FIA regulations. Car also has electricity disconnector by FIA regulations, operated from inside and outside of the car.

There is ready xenon light ramp included with the car. It is very strong one with 4x xenon, tailored made for Clio bodywork. Installation and removal of this xenon ramp is really easy and can be done in a few minutes. Ramp controls (on/off, partial on) is in interior of car with professional wiring.

Dashboard is coated by anti-reflex black layer (flock). Door interior panels: aluminium by FIA regulations. Fuel reservoir and pump are serial, very reliable with no problems so far.

Engine is modified, it has sharp cams, new intake and exhaust valves, modified ECU for 100 octan fuel. Original airbox with KN sport air filter. Engine power is around 170 HP (127kW). There are a lot of modification options in group A resulting in more than 210 HP (156kW). For us power was sufficient, car is really fast and alive when using short Hewland gearbox. With this set-up engine is very reliable, we have had absolutely no engine failures at all.

Car was never seriously crashed in its history and it was never straightened. We had a few unfinished races because of serial drive shafts, but we have replaced those with problem-proof new and reinforced drive shafts by now. This is finished rally car, which by the way You can also register into historic group (advantage of lower starting fees).

We include a lot of spare parts with the car, for example whole chassis subframe, power steering, starter motor, alternator, front bumper, original williams fenders (very hard to find). It is completed rally car, building which costed us a lot of time, money and testing. Reason to sell are personal reasons and lack of money to race.

If You act quick, there is option to make some agreement about price. If You will pay deposit + transportation cost we can deliver this car anywhere in Europe for You to try and see the car, so You does not have to travel to us. Please, this is only for serious buyers. Car is perfect for beginners in motorsport and also for low cost rally racing. Hewland gearbox with no need to use clutch is amazing and it gives completely new dimension to racing, You must try it. It is quick and reliable car with low running costs.

Please see our photo gallery here for more photos: http://goo.gl/eSk4DK

Car is located in Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: ju@uspech.sk, +421 911 877 324

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