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BMW M3 E36 GTR 3.2, 412 PS, 395 Nm - for sell

Posted 02.02.2021 in Race Cars for sale
Type: BMW M3 E36 GTR 3.2 Engine: in-line 6-cylinder 412 PS, 395 Nm, repas 2019  Transmition: 6-speed sequential gearbox Holinger SG3  Differantial: Drexler Motorsport self-locking (2x longer and shorter), repas 2019  Rims: BBS Motorsport 10×18, 12×18, centerlock  Tires: Michelin 270/650-R18, 300/650-R18  Suspension: KW 3-way, KW sprin...
Czech Republic

GINETTA G50 GT4, 340PS - for sell

Posted 12.10.2020 in Race Cars for sale
Type: Ginetta G50 GT4 Engine: FORD 3.5 V6, 340 PS Control unit: Motec M800 Transmition: 6-speed sequential gearbox Quaife Differential: ATB (longer and shorter) Suspension: Öhlins Front brakes – 6 pot calipers/375mm disc Rear brakes – 4 pot calipers/330mm disc Weight: 945 kg Pneumatic air jacks Fuel cell: 107 L (ATL - endurance) Ste...
Brno, Czech Republic
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