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Land Speed #48-B Belly Tank Racer

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Cars for sale
This historic 1955 Johnson and Shipley B-Lakester red #48-B belly-tank racer holds a number of Bonneville National Speed Trials land speed records such as the 1963 B-Lakester 255.501 MPH (taken from Tom Beatty, car #100B) and 1964 A-Lakester at 263.350 MPH. Famed land speed racer Don Johnson piloted the car and partner Jeff Shipley took care of th...
US $500000

1930's American-Austin Midget Race Car

Posted 08.03.2009 in Race Cars for sale
This yellow 1930's American-Austin is an all-original vintage open midget race car ready to be driven or shown. It was built in Los Angeles during WW II and has a 1946 South Dakota title. It was raced and driven on the street in Los Angeles, then sold and driven to South Dakota. The fenders and rear bumper were added when it was made street-legal. ...
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