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Caterham R300 Racing

Posted 23.01.2012 in Race Cars for sale
Caterham R300 Race Streetlegal EU5, 11/2011, 400km,TEAM LOTUS EDITION, original F1 colour,Raceseats, Slip diff, 5 speed, rollbar, suede steering wheel,Semislick, race katalyzer, Race brakes, 42900,-Eur net ...
€42900 net

Mitsubishi Pajero Rallye car for sale

Posted 20.01.2012 in Rally Cars for sale
This is a Works Pajero. Winnerteam at Dakar 1993. Drivers: Bruno Saby & Shinozuka . Car like new.,Totally rebuilt. There is the official invoice from MMSP (Mitsubishi Racing Department). The car is exactly as the ones that were raced. It is one of the three works cars. This car was prepared as the other two but the driver could not come. So...
St Gallen, Switzerland

We search a Classic Lancia Aurelia B20GT

Posted 26.12.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Cherchant une AureliaB20GT Lancia. Merci pour votre aide. Nous parlons anglais. We search a Lancia Aurelia B20GT. Your help is welcome. ...
st.Gallen, Switzerland

Lotus Europa S1 Type 47 Barnfind in Greece,

Posted 15.12.2011 in Rally Cars for sale
This is the Lotus LHD Europa...The car is in good overall condition with mechanics and electrics working perfect. The only thing is that there are minor small spots on the color. Of course no-one would respray an almost perfect car ,1970, 0478R 1308 Please visit our homepage. ...
St Gallen, Switzerland

Daimler Dart SP 2500

Posted 19.10.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Daimler Dart SP 2500 mod 1961, original trim with patina,paint is correct, no rust and body in good condition.Mechanic: everythig works fine. ...
St Gallen, Switzerland

Lancia Delta Evo Rim, Rad, Ruote

Lancia Evo rim 140,-Eur net, limited offer, without liability Its good to have a spare set in the Garage. ...
St Gallen, Switzerland

Abarth 1000TC French champion 2003 and 2006

Posted 23.08.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Abarth 1000TC Berlina, regist. 08/1963 ,owner Pierre Brunetti * , Historic car which won many races. Registered in Fiscal 6 means that car was delivered as Abarth and not as Fiat 600. In 1988 sold to Pierre Brunetti who drove in 2003 and 2006 the championship against cars like Porsche 911, Camaro, BMW02 and was French Champion. The present owner ha...
St.Gallen, Switzerland

Trailer Brian James RS3 Race Shuttle, demo and new available

Brian James Trailer RS3 Race Shuttle from 2/2010 Preis 7.395,00 EUR net exportNet price for the Shuttle is 7395,-Eur + 19% Tax, or export.We can get also a New Brian James RS2 Race Shuttle inbeige. Please ask. ...
ST GALLEN, Switzerland

Corvette C1 Cabriolet in breathtaking Car Collection for sale in Europe

Posted 17.07.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Please visit our homepage and contact us. We sell this Corvette C1 exclusive ...
Mettlen, Switzerland

AlfaRomeo GTam Replica, built on 1750 Chassis, street legal

Posted 16.07.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
with 2.0 engine, slip differential, Dellorto carbs., Complete restored car. ...
St Gallen, Switzerland

Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Bertone

Posted 30.06.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
THis is the rare Alfa 1750 GTV. She has a 2.0 engine on it with a limited slip diff differential. The car is perfect as you can see with 0 rust of course. The original engine will be given with the car.AR1451992, older restoration EEC car. We have a very nice barnfind on our homepage. Please visit: TonyErker.info, ...
st gallen, Switzerland

Aston Martin DB7

Posted 30.06.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Here a perfect Aston Martin DB7 darkgreen/leather beige, year95Air cond, a left hand drive with Swedish docs ...
Mettlen, Switzerland

Rolly Royce Corniche cabriolet 1.series: Large Car Collection for sale.

Posted 05.06.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Large Car collection! ...
Mettlen, Switzerland

I search rusted classic cars.

Posted 02.06.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
I search rusted Gullwings 300SL, Ferrari, Alfa,Lancia, Maserati and Lamborghini. Top Prices paid . Molto Cordialmente-Tony Erker Busco oxidado Gullwing 300SL, Ferrari, Alfa,Lancia, Maserati y Lamborghini. Los mejores precios pagados. Recuerdos, Tony Erker Je recherche rouillées Gullwings 300SL, Ferrari, Alfa,Lancia, Maserati et Lamborghini. Prix ...
Mettlen, Switzerland

Ferrari Dino 246 GT we search!

Posted 27.04.2011 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Cerco le seguenti vetture per i nostri clienti svizzeri.Je recherche wagons suivants pour nos clients suisses.We search the following car for your Swiss clients. A LHD car in good to excellent condition. Price 90.000 - 100.000 Eur. Thank you for your offer! ...

Marelli Distributorcap for Alfa GTA, Montreal and Ferrari 308

Distributor Cap ALfa Montreal, GTA,308 Ferrari, price 95,-Eur net each for twin distributor, For single distributor185,-Eur net ...

Schedoni Leather Wallet for Ferrari 308 and 512BB

Posted 19.02.2011 in Classic & Vintage car parts
We sell spareparts worldwide for Italian Classic Cars: Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Ferrari,Maserati,Abarth,. Please ask for parts or visit our Homepage:High Discount Sales! ...

Ferrari Cam Cover Gasket /Valve Gasket: 308, 328, 348, Mondial

Cam Cover Gasket Set FERRARI 308qv, 328, 348Sono composti da 12 guarnizioni e fanno 308 QV. 328 e 348 / Mondial EACH SET 58.00EURO net 10X SET 45.00EURO net Limited offer without liability! ...

Stop Watch Collection: Heuer, tripmaster, Breitling

Posted 13.02.2011 in Classic & Vintage car parts
Dear Sirs, i like to sell this wonderful classic Stopwatch collection, no liability on error: Halda Speedpilot, Tripmaster, Twinmaster complete with T gears, cables etc. Heuer Monte Carlo & Master time & Hervue stopwatches Breitling dual stopwatch almost New Old Stock, 1966 320 Valjoux caliber Aifab rally computers 2 & 3 clocks orig...

Ferrari SparePart Catalogues

Genuine Ferrari SparePart CataloguesYou like to repair or restore your Ferrari? First thing youneed is a sparepart catalogue. You avoid errors and theexplosion drawings are showing you how technic is workingtogether. We have the Catalogues you need for any Ferrari. ...

Martini Formula 3

Posted 10.12.2010 in Race Cars for sale
Martini Cars is a constructor of Formula racing cars from France, founded by Renato 'Tico' Martini in 1965Many of these car run in historic championship in France. I have the MK 30 about 1978. The frame it's very good, panelled aluminium chassis, the gear box is Hewland, original wheels, rear and front wing, body in good condition and I have the ...

Parts to built a Alfa Romeo 156 Trophy Racer, Ferrari Parts for Classic Cars,

We get from Italia many parts to restore and repair Italian vintage Automobiles.Please Visit our page: www.sparepartricambi.info, ...

FIAT Abarth 850TC derivazione

Posted 07.09.2010 in Classic & Vintage cars for sale
Abarth 850 TC from 1/1962, was sitting in a Garage since 1985 in Sardegna. First plated on Sassari registration. The car is in wonderfull condition. ...
Mettlen, Switzerland

We sell Italian Classic Spare Parts for FIAT,Alfa,Lancia,Ferrari, Dino, Maserati

Posted 18.07.2010 in Classic & Vintage car parts
contact us please if you need spare parts of Italian Cars. If you sell car parts please Login : www.sparepartricambi.info ...

AlfaRomeo RZ Zagato Roadster

Alfa Romeo RZ , new, yellow/black, leather, air cond, The car was bought new for 137000,-DM (68500,-Eur) and then stored vacuumized in a special company for 17 years. The car got a day registration in the 90es while delivered. ...


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